Rev Jude Wills

I am honoured to offer bespoke legal wedding ceremonies that reflect the couple's love and intentions for their marriage, personalised funeral services, workshops on spiritual growth and spiritual counselling and direction.

Marriage is the most important vow most people make in their lives so it is wise to approach this deep, life changing commitment fully aware of all it entails. In our meetings prior to the service, we explore your deeper beliefs. We will weave together a powerful chalice to support the intention of the service we are creating.

I also create and deliver workshops, webinars and seminars on the world of health and healing as it is expressed through the spiritual journey. I can work with you in discerning your deepest beliefs and offer a year long course anchoring your spiritual journey in daily life supporting you in living to your highest.

In these unusual times I offer daily meditation sessions on line at 7.30am and 9.00am

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"Jude provided us with a heartfelt ceremony adding a dimension to the meaning of marriage we had not considered.
It enriched our experience and added to our marriage not just our wedding day. Deepest thanks"
John and Suzanne

"Our wedding ceremony was magical thanks to the meetings we had with Jude beforehand.  
She had us dive deep in exploring what marriage meant to us.. thank you Jude."
Allan and Amy

"Jude was so willing to incorporate our beliefs into the ceremony that it was totally unique.
Our friends all commented afterwards on how it was so fully `us`. We had a memorable day."
Kim and Frank

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