About Us

Who we are

*  We are ordained ministers from a variety of backgrounds and traditions, working independently of churches or organised religions
*  All our ministers have completed a two year intensive training with the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary
*  One World Interfaith ministers seek to draw on the Universal Principles that underpin the human search for meaning
*  We seek to embrace the Love that transcends all boundaries and look for what unites us not what divides us
*  We have no church or building as we believe the world is our church
*  Our community of ministers were drawn to the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary training through a search for a Universal Spirituality that could speak to all people
*  As Ministers we find our own unique way to express our Ministry and serve

What we offer

A range of ceremonies including legal weddings, funerals and baby blessings and the celebration or commemoration of life events of all kinds
Spiritual Guidance/Counselling to support you in your spiritual journey and help you gain spiritual insight and perspective through life’s ups-and-downs
A variety of services in the community including reflection, guided meditation, workshops, retreats and community gatherings and a range of other services within local communities and beyond
A collaborative approach to creating customised ceremonies that reflect your beliefs and values
Respect for your individual choices, offering an alternative to church, civil or humanist services for your legal wedding
Commitment to serve you while abiding with our Code of Practice which you can see here.

What people said

"The day itself you were brilliant, bringing a joyful and calm presence to the occasion. The ceremony was more than we could ever have imagined and you led through it with true grace. We cherished your inclusive, warm hearted approach that helped us integrate our multicultural family and friends into the ceremony, bringing us and them great joy! "
John and Leyla

"The Minister helped my husband and l enter into our sacred union consciously. The ceremony was unique and reflective of us as a couple. She accommodated a combined wedding/ baby naming ceremony! She brings a calm, cantered and radiant energy. It was a pleasure getting to know you Rev!"
Victor and Patricia

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