Spiritual Guidance/Counselling/Coaching

All our ministers have completed an intense training in Spiritual Counselling and accompaniment.  Many are also qualified therapists from a variety of professional disciplines.
The core goal of spiritual counselling, or guidance, is to help people to re-connect with their authentic spirituality and inherent wholeness as the means for transforming obstacles and living a more meaningful life

How does a Spiritual Counsellor work?

The Spiritual Counsellor will hold the space for you to explore the strengths you already have within.  Listening with a loving openness they can help you reconnect with your inner spiritual resources. Through holding this vision of wholeness for you, you have the possibility to connect with a deeper ‘Self’, and to enter into a deeper experience of and relationship to the Divine.

Your Spiritual Counsellor creates a sacred and confidential space, listening without agenda or judgement so you can feel free to express your inmost thoughts and fears.

Within this safe, loving space your Counsellor will listen to you deeply in order for you to hear that still small voice within you and to increasingly trust its wisdom and its love for you as you discover your own way forward. Coming home to yourself and your unique spiritual self.

When to seek help

At times of crisis or transition, consciousness can become dulled, distant or blind.  The Divine Presence may grow faint to your senses and appear to vanish. The Spiritual Counsellor can enable you to reconnect with your inner healing presence.  As a result, you are able to look, and see, and understand differently and become ready to retake your place in the world in a way that resonates more harmoniously with your inner self and Spirit.

Spiritual Counselling/Guidance sessions can be offered by phone, Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp or in person.

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*Spiritual Counselling is also known as Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Accompaniment and/or Spiritual Direction. It is not psychotherapy. It is suitable for people of all beliefs and none*

What people said

"I have found resolution to troubling matters from the past (things I thought were already laid to rest) and became clearer and more confident about the present. Very gentle, yet very powerful."    Sarah

"Time and space to explore spirituality in a friendly and supportive environment. Thank you."    Jane

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