Meet Our Ministers

Our One World Ministers in Ireland are based in every county. Scroll down to see 15 of our Ministers and where we are based and where we work. Then click on the image or name to see details of the services they offer and more photos. Feel free to contact any and all of us. At least one of us will be perfect for you! We'll be delighted to speak with you about what you are looking for.

I live and work in the beautiful
Sligo area
I am based in County Laois
and work nationwide

I live in Dublin but will work
anywhere in Ireland


I am based in Galway and work
mainly in the West of Ireland.
I am based in County Laois and work all over the country.

I am based in Dublin but work
anywhere in Ireland and abroad.
I am based in County Cork but I'm happy to travel throughout the Republic of Ireland.
I am based in Dublin 
and work nationally.
I am based in West Cork but I am happy to travel. My counseling services are available online.
I live on the Cork Kerry border and I work throughout Munster and beyond, and also in Thailand.
I’m happy to work countrywide .
I love visiting parts of the country
I wouldn’t ordinarily see .

I work in Cork, Kerry, Waterford, Limerick and Tipperary.

I live in Sligo and am delighted 
             to work nationwide.
I am based in Louth   
and work nationwide.
I am based in Clare and work